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I am a woman of Grace.

I am a positive person.

God has rescued me and a am a free woman.

I am steadfast in my love for him.

I am a lover of his word and a lover of truth.

He is making me bold and courageous.

My heart is whole.

I see the good in others.

I have a forgiving spirit.

I am learning that it is so important to believe in you. Our experiences and our story shapes us and without knowing it, creates a belief system in us about others but more importantly, about ourselves. There are some things that we have walked through that cause us to form unhealthy opinions of ourselves. Maybe a poor response to a situation or a trauma that you have gone through has caused you to actually believe that you somehow are what happened to you. We talk of and have heard many teachings on identity. This is the way we identify ourselves with how God views us as his children. Taking it a little deeper than his view of us is our own view of ourself. I have scriptures in his word that clearly tells me how much God loves me. I know I am forgiven and that I am his girl. No doubt. Is it enough? No. Why? Because how you see yourself will shape and influence your response to negativity that comes your way. If we don't take the time to rewrite our story that we have written about ourselves, we will continue to respond from our own brokenness. Let me tell you this one thing, we are all broken. God has redeemed our lives but our hearts still go to the default of the belief system we have created of ourselves. TD Jakes has a message right now on Youtube about the lack of confidence in your private life and how it shows up in your public life. It is so true! We interact and respond to others based on how we are feeling and believing about ourself. We live with ourselves and we know where we come up short.

You can see this with the disciples in the bible. They all had different ways of responding to trauma. Mary cared little about getting things done and she clinged to Jesus while Martha had a list to get her through the tragedy that was happening. Peter was very vocal with Jesus and made promises he could never live up to. Thomas said, unless I see I will not believe at all. Jesus came after them all and he addressed them right where they were. He addressed their belief system by showing them himself. He came. He didn't come when they finally got it together. He came when they needed him to show them who he was one more time. I am in a place of needing Jesus to show me who He is one more time. Are you? In this place I am taking time to rewrite my story so that I have a healthy view of me, the me that is being ever transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Abraham believed God about himself and he received righteousness.

I Believe-

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