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Enjoy the View

When the favor and anointing of God is on your life you don't have to strive or elbow your way in. The favor of God will open doors for you because God is equipping you for His kingdom purposes. The anointing will be there. This is something that God is working in me right now through this season of waiting for what is next.

Lately I have found myself in a bit of a struggle because I realize that my desire to do what God has called me to do and my feelings are at war with each other. I know what He is calling me to and it feels big and unknown. So when I struggle with worrying about the 'how' it is going to come to pass, I find myself looking at me and my own ability and then coming up really short. It wreaks of failure if I am honest. This is the in that the enemy looks for. This is the chink in the armor that he longs to find.

Here is the truth. It is not your job to convince others or yourself of what you are called to do. You just need to accept it and embrace it with all of the weakness and vulnerability you have in you. Knowing what your weakness is will be your greatest strength. If you always know your weakness, then you will also always know where your strength ends and His begins. It's a faith thing. It is like my pastor said this Sunday, "I Don't See It, But God Said It". He spoke from Joshua 6. The Walls of Jericho. When you are standing in in front of your wall and you know what is next but the wall is so huge, this is where your strength ends and His begins.

We must walk in rest and peace with God and others need to see your confidence. Not a self confidence but a confidence in God and what he has called you to.

Don't ask to be chosen, you are already chosen.

Don't look for acceptance, You are already accepted.

Stop waiting for people to agree with you on the matter and remember that you are in agreement with God about everything!

God will close many doors in your life.....He only needs to open one. So, instead of looking at what isn't happening, choose to look at things from God's viewpoint.

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 2:6

This is our position in Christ. When we choose to see things from our position in Christ, we see things as God sees them. We see open doors, we see complete victory and the view is so much better from the top!

If you are struggling with feelings of inadequacy, or feeling ill equipped, overlooked or just plain forgotten, chances are, you might need to change your view. Somewhere you may have believed the lie from the enemy that God is somehow withholding from you. This is the same lie the enemy used in the garden with Adam and Eve. It worked then and even though we know the truth, it is still effective today. We must choose to see everything from our position in Christ.

He really does want to use us for kingdom purposes and He has given us every tool we need to succeed. It is all about where and how we are looking at things.

The view from the top is amazing. It doesn't get much better than heavenly seating. Choose today with me to have God's perspective and heart for your life. He has a good plan for us. Let's draw close to him in these times of uncertainty or times of transition. God knows what is next.

Rest in the peace of your position in Christ.

Enjoy the view!

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