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Love Beyond Words

As the father has loved me, so I have loved you. Now remain in my love.

John 15:9

What does it mean to love beyond words? I recently went through some very difficult things with some loved ones. All I can say is that I never really realized the expectations I had until I was on the other side of it and knee deep in disappointment. After I recovered from the shock of all that had transpired and took the situation to God in prayer, I began to ask the Lord to help me sort through the hurt. As He is so faithful to do, the Lord began to speak to me about what real love looks like. You see, we often disappoint. We all fall short of the goal most days if we are honest. I believe in this moment that I received just a sliver of a glimpse into the heart of God for us. He just loves. He loves without expectation. He loves knowing that on our best day, we are not where we need to be. I asked Jesus, "Jesus, how do I begin to pray for a situation like this?" I see no hope for what has happened and no answer apart from a miracle from you. He reminded me that He is God and I am not. He gently reminded me that love has no tape measure. See, it's so easy to compartmentalize sin. We have our measuring tape out and there are some sins that we feel are more devastating to God than others. We can easily justify our own sin but the sins that cause us pain and the brokenness of another human being that can so often wound our own hearts, that is another matter altogether. It is hard to look past wounds and into the person and see that hurting people hurt people. This is how God sees it. This is how God treats our sin and His grace covers. So if God's grace covers me, it also covers the one who harmed me. When you have been forgiven much, you love much. So when we call out the names of those we are struggling with to God, we must also be prepared for the requirement to love as he loves. Even if reconciliation doesn't come, you and God will be good on the matter. Love without expectation is the highest form of love. Walking in the love of God with others requires us to see others as Jesus sees us. It is beyond having the last say or reconciliation or closure. It is a beyond the evidence of what I see, I choose to love you because that is how my God loves.

This is no easy task. There is a strength that you will feel as you lift another person up to God and you begin to pray for them as God does. Prayers that move God's hand. Prayers that cause the Heavens to stop and take notice because they are no longer about you and your heart but the good of all. It is beyond words. It is beyond our ability and into God's capability. Walking in His footsteps. Footsteps of love all the way to the cross. Dying to self. Living in His love.

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